Luone Care

All jewellery at LUONE is designed in-store and handcrafted, small irregularities are part of the unique character. Please embrace the inconsistencies in the gems as these give each piece its own character and personality.

We would love you to care for your LUONE jewellery as much as we have, placing each piece in its own jewellery pouch when not being worn.

Sterling silver and gold jewellery should be polished with a high quality silver/gold cloth that is non-abrasive. If you have purchased a LUONE cocktail or diamond ring we recommend professional cleaning at least once a year, for this we encourage you to bring your LUONE jewellery back to us.

For necklaces or bracelets strung on silk, due to the fine nature of this material, we advise that periodical restringing occurs to maximize the lifetime of your piece.